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A film suitable as a base of image transfer material for thermal recording or a heat-sensitive mimeograph stencil is disclosed. The laminated film of the present invention comprises a coating layer on at least one surface of a polyester film, which coating layer contains as a major component a wax-b ...

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A reflector used in a surface light source comprising a white polyester film in which fine voids are formed and whose apparent specific gravity is in the range of 0.5 to 1.2. The reflectance of the polyester film can be increased by the fine voids. When the reflector having a high reflectance is use ...

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An electrical insulating polyester film has an apparent density of 1.37 to 0.85 g/cm.sup.3 and a tensile modulus of 2.0 to 4.5 GPa.

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A polyester film, which is substantially non-oriented and whose main component is polyethylene terephthalate, is formed into a shape for example, a package, at a condition causing no yield point. The formation ability of the polyester film for forming is improved, and a formed body having a good uni ...

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This invention relates to a polyester film suited for use in optical recording medium. The polyester film of the present invention has a modulus of photoelasticity of not more than 0.9.times.10.sup.-3 mm.sup.2 /kgf, a maximum surface roughness Rt of not more than 100 nm and a mean interval Sm betwee ...

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A film for heat-sensitive mimeograph stencil and a heat-sensitive mimeograph stencil comprising a porous support and the film laminated thereon are disclosed. Since the film of the present invention has an energy of crystal fusion .DELTA.Hu of 3-11 cal/g and has a difference Tm in temperature of the ...

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A molten polyester sheet is solidified by cooling it on the surface of a mobile cooling medium on which a water film has been formed. The sheet is stretched at least 4.5-fold in overall stretching ratio in a longitudinal direction through a plurality of stretching steps. Since casting is conducted v ...