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A cam assembly for a single cam bow provides replaceable cable sheaves. By selecting different cable sheaves the draw length of the bow may be altered while the bow is strung. The draw length can be further fine tuned by providing differentially spaced positions for attaching either end of the bow s ...

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A flexible fluid filled actuator has an elastic bladder and a guide surrounding the bladder. The guide has asymmetrical elastic properties. When the bladder is inflated the guide directs the bladder to expand preferentially in a selected direction or directions. The actuator has utility in the tract ...

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Systems and methods are disclosed for improving the resolution and quality of an image formed by signals from an array of receivers. Multiple receivers introduce variations in arrival times that can be less than the period of an operating signal, and also less than the period associated with a sampl ...

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A method and apparatus for document verification exploits a temporally variable physical process to generate a reproducible effect that cannot be copied. A document such as a credit card is provided with a spot or stripe that incorporates at least one, and preferably a large plurality of photorefrac ...

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A gaseous fuel analyzer having a flow through chamber equipped with sound producing means at one end and sound receiving means at the other for measuring an acoustic property of fuel flowing through the chamber and for numerically relating the acoustic property to the combustion character of the fue ...

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A network which determines whether the slope of a pattern, representing an input signal, is positive going or negative going in selected portions of the pattern. The existence of positive or negative slopes is determined by sampling amplitude components from a sequence of channels representing the p ...

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An ink jet print head includes a molded nozzle plate, the molded nozzle plate further including molded die alignment features. The molded die alignment features can be registered to the apertures of the print head die.