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Disclosed is a method and apparatus for accessing data in a computer system after a failed data operation in which I/O process state information is unknown. The failed data operation may cause data inconsistency among multiple devices associated with a shadow set for storing data. The disclosed syst ...

Puneet Singh Chawla, Daniel Beveridge, Scott Howard Davis: Native viewer use for service results from a remote desktop. VMware, April 14, 2015: US09009219 (3 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment, a method includes establishing a session to a remote desktop determined for a user of a client device. The session allows the client device to remotely access the remote desktop to have one or more services performed for the user of the client device using resources of the remote ...


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The present application discloses a transducer head comprising a read element that reads data from a storage media and an asperity sensor that detects a dimension of an asperity on a surface of the storage media using a temperature change at the asperity sensor. The asperity may be one or both of a ...

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A method, performed by a computer having a processor and system memory, for calibrating a tie height of a ballast profiling rail vehicle having a remote sensing system, includes traversing the rail vehicle along a first calibration section of railroad track at a calibration speed, detecting, using t ...

Robert Scott Howard: V-limb. July 28, 2015: US09091503 (3 worldwide citation)

The apparatus disclosed is intended to maximize archery artisans arrow speed by replacing the traditional flat archery bow limb with a new and unique shaped V-Limb, said V-Limb is a composite material designed in an archedly ridged fashion and is capable of retaining more of the internal lateral for ...

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An automotive vehicle rear view mirror assembly automatically returnable from a rear seat viewing position to a rear window viewing position includes a bracket, a bracket rod having an axis and extending through and rigidly connected to the bracket, a resilient member disposed about the bracket rod ...

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Gas turbine rotor blade assembly (12) and corresponding gas turbine (50) having a plurality of stages and a plurality of blades (58) coupled to each respective stage includes depositing a silicone oxime sealant (150) onto at least a portion of a compressor blade, and coupling the compressor blade to ...

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A method of conditioning the hair and scalp by applying thereto an effective amount of polytetrafluoroethylene having a molecular weight of between about 1,000,000 and about 10,000,000 and a viscosity greater than 10.sup.10 poises at 300.degree.C.

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An electronic phototypesetting system utilizing a single cathode ray tube (CRT) timeshared as (1) a flying spot scanner and (2) a photo exposure device. In the scan mode, the CRT scans an optical representation of the next character to be displayed by the photo exposure device to develop electronic ...