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The present invention provides 2-pyrimidinyl pyrazolopyridine compounds, compositions containing the same, as well as processes for the preparation and their use as pharmaceutical agents.

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A synthetic fur product and method of making such product which comprises coating synthetic hair fibers with a heat-settable composition containing a hardening and adhesive agent in aqueous media, either with or without the addition of separate water-proofing agents, flame-retardant agents, softenin ...

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A polish is provided for cleaning metallic and fiberglass surfaces, such as an automobile, truck and boat bodies, and for providing a protective film on the surface. The polish comprises water in an amount between about 40.0 to about 75.0 percent, a solvent in an amount between about 12.0 to about 3 ...

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A method for treating fibers such as synthetic or natural hair, whereby synthetic fibers can be made to have the appearance of human hair and whereby human hair can be straightened, which comprises applying to the hair a composition containing about 1--50 percent by volume of a substantive water-rep ...

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A wheeled support assembly 10 is manually pushed over the ground and has a motor 22 rotating an antenna assembly 60 about a vertical axis 24. Encoders 28 on the antenna shaft 20 and on a wheel axle encode antenna angular position and position over the ground. Transmitted pulses and received data pas ...

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Complementary ramp waves are generated which extend between first and second direct-current levels. During successive time intervals, multiple digit binary words are generated defining the horizontal and vertical components of the vector being generated. Registers store the binary words, and gates r ...


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A foot, toe, and ankle exercise device provides variable resistance to movements of the foot, ankle and toes in multiple directions. Embodiments of the device comprise a flexible forefoot support to allow for full toe and foot range of motion. Resistance is provided by resistance members that may co ...

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A bumper integrated forward radar mounting system for use with a vehicle is disclosed. The system includes a radar module, a bumper attachment bracket and a bumper extension. The radar module is attached to the bumper attachment bracket. The radar module may comprise one or both of a medium range ra ...

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The present invention is related to oxindole derivatives of structure (I), compositions containing the same, and methods of use and manufacture of the same. Such compounds generally are useful pharmacologically as agents in those disease states alleviated by the alteration of mitogen activated signa ...