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A device (20) for an automotive vehicle (10) is provided to indicate the buckled and unbuckled status of a seatbelt (24). The device (20) has a self-powered wireless switch assembly (22) that is coupled to the seatbelt (24). It provides power to power a wireless transmitter (44) to transmit a wirele ...

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Oxazole derivatives, which are useful as VEGFR2, CDK2, and CDK4 inhibitors are described herein. The described invention also includes methods of making such oxazole derivatives as well as methods of using the same in the treatment of hyperproliferative diseases.


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A system, method, and article of manufacture is disclosed for developing and managing a the test of a business initiative for a business network including business locations. In one aspect of the invention, a method is performed that includes performing a process for developing a business initiative ...

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Apparatus is disclosed for loading and unloading a photographic camera (426) of a type including an external housing (428, 478) having a movable closure (484) giving access to a film guide track (566) within the camera, the guide track extending between an unexposed film chamber (562) and an exposed ...

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A method for treating fibers such as synthetic or natural hair, whereby synthetic fibers can be made to have the appearance of human hair and whereby human hair can be straightened, which comprises applying to the hair a composition containing about 1--50 percent by volume of a substantive water-rep ...

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Disclosed is fault indicating apparatus responsive to normal and excessive current associated with an external circuit conductor being monitored, the fault indicating apparatus including an indicator for providing a visual indication of the normal or fault current condition in the external circuit c ...

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A sensor mount assembly including a housing, fastener and a lever mechanism. The housing contains a sensor having two electrical leads and includes an integral flange adapted to receive a fastener. The fastener includes a body and a head. The body is received in the flange to secure the housing to a ...


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The present invention provides thiazole sulfonamide and oxazole sulfonamide compounds, compositions containing the same, as well as processes for the preparation and methods for their use as pharmaceutical agents.