SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE: [en] Improvements in Removing Solids and Liquids from Vessels Containing Them. SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE, May 11, 1901: GB190012316-A

[en] 12,316. Scott, E. G. July 7. [Grant of Patent revoked.] Moving chambers communicating alternately with feed and delivery.-Relates to means for removing solids or liquids from vessels containing them, and in particular from those in which there is a vacuum, so as to effect the removal without im ...

SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE: [en] Improvements in the Manufacture of Acetic Acid.. SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE, April 30, 1898: GB189712952-A

[en] 12,952. Scott, E. G. May 25. Distilling acetic acid.-Crude acetic acid is freed from tar and concentrated by a process of distillation and fractional condensation in ovens. The crude acid is heated in a still a by means of a steam pipe b to a temperature of about 100 C., and the vapours are dra ...


SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE: [en] Improvements in connected with the Concentration or Distillation of Glycerine.. SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE, January 8, 1898: GB189705889-A

[en] 5889. Scott, E. G. March 5. Drawings to Specification. Distilling and concentrating glycerine.-To remove any glycerine carried over with the steam used in the process of concentrating or distilling glycerine, a supplementary condenser having a relativelysmall cooling-surface is interposed betwe ...

SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE: [en] Improvements in and connected with the Saponification of Fatty Matters, and in the Manufacture of Glycerine.. SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE, February 19, 1898: GB189708796-A

[en] 8796. Scott, E. G. April 6. Glycerine soaps.-Relates to the separation of glycerine in soap manufacture. After the lime soap has been formed the glycerine waters are run off and the remaining mass is thoroughly broken up in a roller mill or cutting-machine it is then put into a centrifugal mach ...

SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE: [en] Improvements in Refining Glycerine and Apparatus therefor.. SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE, May 5, 1900: GB189915159-A

[en] 15,159. S c o t t, E. G. July 22. Distilling glycerine. - Fig. 1 shows a vertical section of the apparatus. The still a receives a little heat directly from the furnace b, but is mainly heated by superheated steam from the coil c introduced by pipes e placed around the ring d. Impurities carrie ...


SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE: [en] Improvements in or connected with Tubular Vacuum and other Pans.. SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE, February 16, 1901: GB190006223-A

[en] 6223. Scott, E. G. April 3. Incrustation, preventing and removing.-Relates to tubular vacuum and other pans in which a liquid is evaporated by steam which traverses a number of tubes b contained in the pan a. The invention consists in preventing deposits from accumulating on the tubes by contin ...

SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE: [en] Improvements in or connected with Vacuum Evaporators.. SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE, December 22, 1900: GB190003748-A

[en] 3748. Scott, E. G. Feb. 26. Evaporators vacuum apparatus valves and cocks.-Relates to vacuum evaporators, and has for its object to prevent boiling over or priming. In the upper part of the evaporator a, and immediately under the mouth b of the vapour pipe, is fitted a plate d, which is mounted ...

SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE: [en] Improvements in the Treatment of Ammonia Liquors and in the Manufacture of Sulphate of Ammonia.. SCOTT ERNEST GEORGE, March 1, 1901: GB190003987-A

[en] 3987. Scott, E. G. March 1. Ammonium sulphate.- Relates to the distillation of gas and other ammoniacal liquors in vacuo to obtain ammonia, which is subsequently treated with sulphuric acid to obtain ammonium sulphate. Fig. 1 shows a plant for this purpose, partly in section. The ammoniacal l i ...

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