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A method for extending bit-depth of display systems. The method includes the steps of measuring the static display noise of a display device, using the display noise to create pseudo-random noise and subtracting the pseudorandom noise from a contone image. After the noise-compensated image data is q ...

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A method for adaptive error diffusion. The method includes the steps of receiving input image data, detecting edges in the input image data, and then adding noise to the input image data depending upon results of said edge detection. The amount of noise is higher for pixels with higher edge content, ...

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A method for compressing and decompressing image information. An encoder receives initial image information and transforms said initial information using a linear transform to produce coefficients. These are then locally normalized using a neighborhood masking weighting factor, quantized and coded t ...

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A handheld imaging device has a data receiver that is configured to receive reference encoded image data. The data includes reference code values, which are encoded by an external coding system. The reference code values represent reference gray levels, which are being selected using a reference gra ...

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Processing of images for displaying on a display for displaying images on a liquid crystal display.

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Determination of the verticality of various structures such as high rise buildings and towers is enabled through various methods involving use of a series of tiltmeter devices, a remote positioning system, or a combination of both. These methods are particularly useful in monitoring deviations from ...

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The present invention provides compositions of matter useful as deposition agents for making structures, including thin film structures and hard coatings, on substrates and features of substrates. In an embodiment, for example, the present invention provides metal complexes having one or more dibora ...

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An encoder receives a sequence of images in extended or visual dynamic range (VDR). For each image, a dynamic range compression function and associated parameters are selected to convert the input image into a second image with a lower dynamic range. Using the input image and the second image, a res ...

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An image processing system processes light conveying visual pattern information represented by individual light rays. The system includes an optical assembly having an input surface and an output surface. The input and output surfaces define a plurality of input and output positions, respectively, f ...

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One or more derived versions of image content may be obtained by interpolating two or more source versions of the same image content. A derived version may be targeted for a class of displays that differs from classes of displays targeted by the source versions. Source images in a source version may ...