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A terminating and grounding connector for electrical cables and the like. The connector includes a housing and an end member screw threadedly mounted on said housing. A resilient annular electrically conductive coil spring is mounted between adjacent portions of the housing and end member. As the en ...

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Novel compositions comprise a blend of (A) a thermoplastic polymer selected from copolymers of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene, and thermoplastic vinylidene fluoride polymers; and (B) a thermoplastic elastomer having (i) at least one elastomeric segment comprising (a) vinylidene fluoride, hexa- or ...


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A device and method to facilitate ground shielding in an electrical connector is disclosed.

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Enclosures for articles such as electrical cable splices or pipelines have curable filling of sufficient thickness and/or layers of different materials to provide a layered cured structure. A relatively flexible intermediate layer in a cured cable splice enclosure provides advantages in installation ...

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An actuator made up of a plurality of actuator elements is provided which actuator provides long travel in one dimension and short travel in five additional dimensions, with each actuator element providing long travel in the one dimension and short travel in at least two additional dimensions. For p ...

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An article having a surface comprising an olefin polymer is marked with indicia using an ink comprising a binder capable of substantially complete cure at a temperature of about 100 to 300 DEG C for less than about 10 minutes and then heated to cure the binder. The indicia are permanent, e.g. are re ...

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The invention relates to novel apoptosis-associated nucleic acids and polypeptides and methods for use thereof, including methods of treatment of disorders associated with aberrant cellular proliferation, differentiation, or degeneration. Included are methods of enhancing the success of cell transpl ...

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One aspect of the invention relates to a multilayer article comprising a first substantially non-porous, polymeric layer (12) bonded (14) to a second porous, absorbent, polymeric layer (16). The second layer is relatively thinner than the first layer. Preferably, the article is rendered heat recover ...