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The present invention provides novel methods for determining whether a compound influences a phase in the life cycle of a virus comprising providing a cell with said compound and with at least a fragment of said virus sufficient for performing said phase and determing whether said phase is influence ...

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The invention provides a nucleic acid delivery vehicle with or having been provided with at least a tissue tropism for fibroblast-like or macrophage-like cells, preferably synoviocytes. In one aspect said nucleic acid delivery vehicle is a virus capsid or a functional part, derivative and/or analogu ...

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Novel means and methods are provided for the production of mammalian viruses, comprising infecting a culture of immortalized human cells with the virus, incubating the culture infected with virus to propagate the virus under conditions that permit growth of the virus, and to form a virus-containing ...




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The present invention provides novel elements for improving genetic engineering techniques for producing recombinant nucleic acid molecules and/or recombinant cells. The novel elements are capable of integrating desired necleic acid material into other nucleic acid materials, specifically into the g ...