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If strip transmission lines are enclosed in a conducting shield, the shield acts as a waveguide and spurious waveguide modes, which interfere with stripline transmission, are excited. A waveguide mode suppressing structure is disclosed which selectively suppresses the waveguide modes over a certain ...

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In the disclosed millimeter-wave downconverter or detector, the detector diode is beam-leaded and integrally mounted on a stripline that is inserted in the waveguide. The diode is connected to the stripline by conductors forming a part of the stripline and is biased through d.c. bypass conductors wi ...

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A miniature, multi-branch patch antenna suitable for operating in the 1 GHz to 100 GHz frequency range, a method for making same and a communication system using the same is disclosed. In one embodiment, the antenna comprises a planar dielectric substrate (3), a plurality of conducting antenna eleme ...

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Photolithographic techniques are employed to shape the ends of two cladded-core optical fibers that are to be spliced together. An easily aligned high-efficiency male-to-female connection is made by forming a protruding-core portion on one end and a mating indented-core portion on the other end.

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An RF apparatus (e.g., a wireless label) provides improved backscattering of an incident RF signal by utilizing a separate modulator diode (121), which connects across the antenna (102), to modulate the backscattering of the antenna. A separate detector diode (111) connects across the antenna throug ...

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A microstrip patch filter in which a dielectric has a ground plane printed on one of its faces and a conductive arrangement printed on the other of said faces, the conductive arrangement includes a flat patch, input and output leads electromagnetically coupled to the flat patch, the flat patch or th ...


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Dielectric components (PP1,PP2,HP1,HP2) extend between top (US1) and bottom (LS1) surfaces of a ground plane (GP1) in a resonant microstrip patch (MP1) antenna (AN1) over a distance of one-quarter-wavelength of a resonant frequency of the antenna. The components form quarter-wave chokes within which ...

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In a resonator in which a ground plane and a patch sandwich a dielectric, a slot in the patch concentrates emanation of radiation from the slot. Shorting conductors form the ends of the resonator. A dielectric cover over the slot matches the dielectric constant of the substrate to that of free space ...

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A diode detector is integrated into a microstrip patch antenna. Tuning and matching of the detector are accomplished by adjusting the geometry of the patch. Cost, power consumption, losses, and spurious responses are reduced. The antenna may be adapted to a mixer, video detector, i.f. detector, or a ...