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This invention provides the use as or for the preparation of a foodstuffs material of a granular starch hydrolysate which in aqueous dispersion is organoleptically fat-like, and which may be used as an at least partial substitute for fats and/or oils.


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A method of modifying the viscosity characteristics of a starchy flour by physical treatment, including heating in alcohol in a confined zone. The resulting starchy flour exhibits thin-thick viscosity characteristics when heated, and provides added viscosity in acid systems without breaking down. It ...

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A food product comprises an oligosaccharide composition that is digestion resistant or slowly digestible. The oligosaccharide composition can be produced by a process that comprises producing an aqueous composition that comprises at least one oligosaccharide and at least one monosaccharide by saccha ...


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During fructose crystallization by cooling a fructose solution, the rate of cooling is first reduced and then increased again. The reduced cooling rate is preferably in the temperature band 46 +/- 3 DEG C and this controlled cooling results in an improved product. The process preferably uses the mot ...

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There is provided a procedure whereby a dextrose solution feed stream can be processed to yield both crystalline fructose and a fructose and dextrose containing liquid sweetener. Fructose is preferably crystallized out of solution under a controlled cooling rate which is decreased for the temperatur ...

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An organic acid can be recovered from a fermentation broth by clarifying the broth to remove at least a substantial portion of the impurities therein, producing a clarified feed; acidulating the clarified feed by adding a quantity of a mineral acid effective to lower the pH of the feed to between ab ...


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ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A dough binder for puffable food products comprising analcohol washed, granular hydroxypropyl waxy-maize based starchderivative obtained by the dry reaction of acid hydrolyzed waxymaize starch which has also been treated with anhydrous disodiumphosphate and propylene oxide ...