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A desalination membrane-substrate composite, effective to permit the effusion of pure water and the rejection of dissolved impurities, comprising a semipermeable membrane layer of polymeric material in contact with at least one side of a porous substrate is made by in-situ interfacial condensation o ...

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A sensing device is made by protectively packaging a cholesteric liquid crystalline material containing from about 0.3 to 7 weight percent of an ultraviolet radiation stabilizer consisting of either aromatic azo or aromatic azoxy compounds, in a clear compatible protective polymeric material.

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A process for the electrophoretic coating or repair of flaws in insulation of electrical components which employs non-aqueous solutions comprising liquid nitroalkanes as a solvent, consisting essentially of a resin dissolved in the solvent together with surface active agents, and desirably containin ...

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A polymeric membrane is prepared by reacting a suitable derivative of a tri or tetracarboxylic acid with a diamine to form a polyamic acid, forming a film from the polyamic acid, imidizing the polyamic acid film to form a polyamide-imide film, treating the polyamide-imide film to open the imide ring ...

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A METHOD FOR COATING OFPOLYIMIDE BY ELECTRODEPOSITION ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A method of coating a copper substrate comprisesthe steps of: anodically microsmoothing the copper sub-strate in an acid bath to provide a substantially smoothsurface; electrocoating the microsmoothed substrate with api ...


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46,325 WIRE CLEANING SYSTEM ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Wire is cleaned by passing it through an electro-lytic cleaner then through an ultrasonic rinse, The electro-lytic cleaner comprises a graphite tube through which thewire passes, an alkaline aqueous solution between the wireand the graphite tube ...