Saturo Okada: System for preventing the use of an unauthorized external memory. Nintendo Company, Nixon & Vanderhye, July 28, 1992: US05134391 (274 worldwide citation)

A hand-held electronic game machine includes a computer accommodated in a case and a liquid crystal display (LCD) panel provided at an upper portion of a front surface of the case. When an external memory is inserted to a receiving port formed on a rear surface of the case at a portion opposite to t ...

Saturo Okada, Hirokazu Tanaka: Electronic gaming device with pseudo-stereophonic sound generating capabilities. Nintendo, Nixon & Vanderhye, March 17, 1992: US05095798 (208 worldwide citation)

An electronic gaming (e.g., video game) device includes a pseudo-stereo sound generator. Plural independent sound generating circuits produce audio signals under microcomputer control. The microcomputer may route the outputs of the plural sound generating circuits independently to one or the other ( ...

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