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Disclosed is a method of setting a process parameter for use in manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit, comprising correcting a first pattern by using process parameter information to obtain a second pattern, the first pattern being one which corresponds to a design layout of the semicondu ...

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In a multiprocessor system, each processor module comprises a processor, a distributed shared memory, a distributed memory coupler for controlling copying between distributed shared memories and a distributed memory protector for protecting said distributed shared memory against illegal access. The ...

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A broadcast information delivering system which includes a plurality of wireless terminals and a wireless base station having a transmitter for transmitting broadcast control information to a control channel, and a transmitter for transmitting a broadcast frame to a broadcast channel in accordance w ...

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A user's burden is decreased when transferring a file via a network by simplifying the directory changing operation at each node. FTP-C-S/W

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An exposure apparatus for reducing/projecting a plurality of patterns of a photomask, which are elongated in at least two different directions, onto a substrate through the photomask includes a polarized light source for illuminating the photomask, a polarization control unit for changing the direct ...

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An image recording medium (101) and a position-time recording medium (102) are provided in an image collecting device (10). In an image retrieving device (20), a matching section (24) allows image data read from the image recording medium (101) and position-time data read by a data reading section ( ...

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An RF power amplifier device includes a driver stage amplifier, a first RF amplifier, a second RF amplifier and a DC voltage converter operated by first, second and third external power supply voltages. The output of the driver stage amplifier is supplied to the inputs of the first and second RF amp ...

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Into an internal circuit to operate in a high-frequency band, there is incorporated a protective circuit of a multistage connection which is constructed to include a plurality of diode-connected transistors having a low parasitic capacity and free from a malfunction even when an input signal higher ...

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This invention is intended to realize a high frequency switch with a low distortion characteristic. In an SPDT switch consisting of a plurality of FETs, the FET on the receiver side through which a received signal passes and the shunt FET on the transmitter side are each formed of series-connected F ...