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A method of producing a light control plate which induces scattering of light at different angles of incidence for different places. The method comprises (1) preparing an assembly comprising a film of a photo-polymerizable composition and a light-pervious body having a light-impervious pattern arran ...

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A front spoiler arrangement installed at the front end section lower part of an automotive vehicle body. The front spoiler arrangement is comprised of a retractable spoiler fin supported by a pair of swingable arms which are spaced from each other and driven respectively by a pair of drive mechanism ...

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A method and apparatus for coupling a semiconductor laser with an optical fiber in which, in order to prevent deterioration of coupling efficiency due to inclination of the optical fiber input end face for restricting the reflection return light to the semiconductor laser, the position of the semico ...

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An open-top type vehicle roof structure is composed of a frame structure having left and right roof openings separated by a longitudinal center beam, and left and right removable roof lids closing the left and right openings and concealing the center beam under the roof surface. Front and rear latch ...

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An optical fiber sensor which comprises a substrate having a groove pattern, an optical fiber which includes a shaped, bare optical fiber portion of an inverted U form and capable of being received or accommodated in the groove pattern of the substrate, and jacketed optical fiber portions extending ...

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An easy method and apparatus to eliminate casting defects from composite materials of hypereutectic Al-Si alloys and improve their properties. The product composite materials with primary silicon crystals of several microns have fine homogeneous microstructures and mechanical properties comparable t ...

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A magnetic field measurement apparatus with high sensitivity and high accuracy in which a Bi-substituted rare-earth iron garnet crystal with a high and no temperature dependent sensitivity constant grown by liquid phase epitaxy is used for a magneto-optic element.

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A semiconductor laser generating no intensity noise caused by reflected light and oscillating at a single frequency, wherein a cavity resonator is disposed externally of the semiconductor laser in order to suppress the oscillation frequency shift (chirping) of the semiconductor laser possibly induce ...

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A magneto-optical element comprises a film of a Bi-substituted rare earth iron garnet selected from garnets of the following chemical formulas