Vaidhyanathan Arunachalam, Kalyan Basu, Sanjoy K Sen: Method and system for wireless QOS agent for all-IP network. Nortel Networks, John D Crane, Bracewell & Patterson L, October 7, 2003: US06631122 (297 worldwide citation)

A wireless quality of service (QoS) agent for an all-Internet Protocol (IP) network. The QoS agent couples to an all-IP network. The coupling means includes communication means for transfer of information between the agent and a QoS manager of the all-IP network. The agent is also able to seamlessly ...

Sanjoy K Sen, Jastinder Jawanda, Kalyan K Basu, Giri Giridharagopal, Naveen K Kakani, Sajal Das: Selectively delaying data communications in a wireless communication system to provide voice communications capacity. Nortel Networks, Bruce Garlick, James Harrison, December 11, 2001: US06330451 (29 worldwide citation)

A wireless communication system selectively delays serviced data communications to produce a desired level of voice communications capacity. The system first determines whether the wireless communication system has sufficient voice communications capacity. If it is determined that the wireless commu ...

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