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Provided herein are an apparatus and a method of performing image noise filtering with respect to an image obtained from an image sensor, the method including: applying a noise deviation with respect to a temporal difference between a previous pixel value and a current pixel value when obtaining a t ...

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A method for improving real-time video communications using a Foveation-based unequal error protection scheme (UEP) and error resilience. In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, a real time processing module partitions a video image into at least two data bit stream signals based on a di ...

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A method of CMOS construction may include stacked III-V nanowires and stacked Ge nanowires. The CMOS construction may include a hybrid orientation with surface SOI and a standard substrate.

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Embodiments of the invention provide methods for forming III-V gate-all-around field effect transistors on silicon substrates that utilize Aspect-Ratio Trapping to reduce or eliminate dislocation defects associated with lattice mismatches. A field dielectric material defining a trench is formed on a ...

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In one example, a method for fabricating a semiconductor device includes forming a mandrel comprising silicon. Sidewalls of the silicon are orientated normal to the direction of the silicon. A nanowire is grown directly on at least one of the sidewalls of the silicon and is formed from a material se ...

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A method of forming an active device on a semiconductor wafer includes the steps of: forming a plurality of semiconductor fins on at least a portion of a semiconductor substrate; forming a dielectric layer on at least a portion of the semiconductor substrate, the dielectric layer filling gaps betwee ...

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A probe card transmitting electrical test signals between a tester and a semiconductor device includes a main circuit board configured to receive and transmit electrical signals from the tester, an interface unit electrically connected to the main circuit board, the interface unit including a signal ...

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Multi-directional service decoupling and/or caching is provided. A storage medium is used to store a plurality of data file types, each file type configured for one or more of the user devices. A transaction manager is used for selectively managing the first transaction for the first user device the ...

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The present invention relates to the automatic balance adjusting centrifuge that enhances the efficiency of space utilization by simplifying the structure as well as supports a precise movement by improving the structure of the balance weight transport apparatus in the automatic balance adjusting ce ...

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A field effect transistor includes a trench in a field dielectric material on a crystalline silicon substrate and source/drain features inside the trench. The field effect transistor further includes a channel feature comprising a III-V material in the trench and spanning between the source/drain fe ...