Samy Hanna, Sherman Kenney, Rod Loewen: Automated system for conditioning a linear accelerator. Siemens Medical Solutions USA, November 19, 2002: US06483263 (2 worldwide citation)

A method and system for automatically conditioning a linear accelerator is disclosed. The method and system comprise the steps of measuring the global variables of the accelerator and evaluating a plurality of events based upon the measurement of the global variables in which the plurality of events ...

Besenhard Jürgen Otto, Meyer Heinrich, Samy Hanna, Hagg Christoph: (De) Verfahren zum elektrolytischen abscheiden einer metallschicht mit glatter oberfläche auf einem substrat unter verwendung ener graphitdispersion, (En) Method for electrolytic deposition of a smooth surface metal on a substrate using graphite dispersion. Besenhard Jürgen Otto, Meyer Heinrich, Samy Hanna, Hagg Christoph, EFFERT BRESSEL UND KOLLEGEN, September 17, 1998: WO/1998/040538

(EN) It is difficult to obtain regular metallization during metallization of the total surface of electrically non-conductive substrates covered by a carbon coating. The problem thus arising is that during electrolysis the metal coating can only be developed slowly on the surface of the substrate st ...

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