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Compositions of (a) a silicone resin characterized by an intermediate region free of acrylic groups, at least 150 siloxane units long, and terminal acrylic groups; (b) at least 10% of a fumed silica filler; and (c) a photoinitiator, can be cured by UV irradiation to tough elastomeric materials usefu ...

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An organopolysiloxane photoinitiator having an average of at least two siloxane units, of which at least an average of one siloxane unit per organopolysiloxane molecule has the formula:

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An antiperspirant composition is disclosed in the form of a transparent stick. The composition comprises a mixture of aluminum chlorohydrate, nonionic surfactant, liquid oil, and water, the latter being present in an amount from 20 to 50%. Preferably, the liquid oil is a combination of volatile sili ...


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Polysiloxane polymers with photoinitiating functionality. The polymers may be obtained by reacting .alpha.-allylbenzoin ethers with a siloxane or polysiloxane containing a plurality of silicon hydride groups. Alternatively, the allylbenzoin ethers may be reacted with a hydrolyzable hydrosilane and f ...

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A method of curing a liquid silicone composition to a crosslinked polymer on a substrate having shadow areas no readily accessible to direct UV light, the method comprising:



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Polyorganosiloxanes having an average of more than two siloxane repeat units, at least one of which repeat units includes a photoinitiating group bound to the silicon atom thereof, the photoinitiating group having the formula ##STR1## where R.sup.1 and R.sup.2 are the same or different alkyl groups ...

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Polyorganosiloxane photoinitiators containing aryoyl formate photomoieties bonded to silicon atoms via non-hydrolyzable Si-C bonds. They may be prepared from alkenyl or alkynyl aryoyl formates and polyorganosiloxanes containing silicon hydride groups via hydrosilation. They are effective photoinitia ...