Samuel P Bessman, Ennis C Layne, Lyell J Thomas: Implantable glucose sensor. Fidelman Wolffe & Waldron, February 14, 1984: US04431004 (740 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for more accurate measurements of the glucose content in body fuids by sensing the absolute level of oxygen concentration in the fluid and correcting the output differential measurement indicative of the glucose content in the fluid according to the absolute level of oxygen.

Samuel P Bessman, Lyell J Thomas Jr: Piezoelectric driven diaphragm micro-pump. Fidelman Wolffe & Waldron, August 17, 1982: US04344743 (79 worldwide citation)

A piezoelectric driven variable volume having a chamber pump with a flexible tube and a non-compressible fluid therein. Solenoid operated valves are associated with the inlet and outlet of the flexible tube. A control circuit sequences the valves and the piezoelectric drive to pump small volumes of ...

Lyell J Thomas Jr, Samuel P Bessman: Micro pump powered by piezoelectric disk benders. Fidelman Wolffe & Waldron, June 15, 1976: US03963380 (63 worldwide citation)

The pump has a piezoelectric variable volume chamber and a solenoid controlled valve operated in sequence to pump small volumes of liquid. The sequence is produced by developing a phase difference between the control of the piezoelectrical chamber and the solenoid valve.

Samuel P Bessman, Lyell J Thomas Jr, Ennis C Layne: Transcutaneous galvanic electrode oxygen sensor. University of Southern California, Nilsson Robbins Dalgarn Berliner Carson & Wurst, May 12, 1987: US04664119 (37 worldwide citation)

A galvanic electrode oxygen sensor which is useful in measuring transcutaneous oxygen pressure (pO.sub.2) contains a cathode in the form of a porous film of a metal below hydrogen in the Electromotive Series, an anode of a metal above hydrogen in the Electromotive Series, an electrolyte and an oxyge ...

Samuel P Bessman: Tissue pulverizer. Spectrum Medical, Edgar W Averill Jr, April 9, 1985: US04509695 (16 worldwide citation)

A tissue pulverizer for pulverizing specimens of living tissues for facilitating chemical testing and the like. The pulverizer has a base, a guide member for emptying into a receiving tube and an elongated pestle member. The parts are cooled with liquid nitrogen and the specimen inserted, covered wi ...

Samuel P Bessman: Reservoir for medicaments. Fidelman Wolffe & Waldron, January 19, 1982: US04311050 (13 worldwide citation)

A reservoir for a pharmacologic delivery system wherein liquid level changes are readable visually to an accuracy of within five microliters. The reservoir is formed as a spirally coiled tubular member disposed between a pair of plate members spaced apart by one or more concentric rims. The tubular ...