Scott Kelley, Sam Chou: Article of footwear with interactive system. SKECHERS U II, Marshall A Lerner, Marvin H Kleinberg, Kleinberg & Lerner, June 16, 2015: US09055778 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention is related to an article of footwear, namely an interactive activity integrated into the article of footwear. The interactive activity may be operated when the article of footwear is either in motion or stationary. The interactive activity instructs the user to respond. Upon a ...

Jiun Fang Wang, Ming Cheng Yang, Hao Ming Lien, Sam Chou: Chemical-mechanical polishing platform. JC Patents, October 9, 2003: US20030190873-A1

A chemical-mechanical polishing platform that comprises a polishing table, a wafer carrier, a polishing pad, a slurry supplier, a conditioner, and a means for cleaning the polishing pad. With respect to in-situ or ex-situ chemical-mechanical polishing, the wafer carrier, conditioner, and means for c ...

Sam Chou, Derek Ju, Andy Chiu: Fluid circulating system. HannStar Display, Lowe Hauptman Gilman & Berner, November 28, 2002: US20020174890-A1

A fluid circulating system for providing a fluid into a manufacturing equipment and receiving a drained fluid from the manufacturing equipment. The system comprises: a tank for containing the fluid, wherein the tank has a filling conduit with an filling electromagnetic valve for conducting the fluid ...

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