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An input/output control system for a data processor which controls the transfer of data from I/O devices (such as disks or drums in which data are recorded in fixed sector lengths and in which the devices are capable of signalling when they reach any desired sector).A plurality of channels for sched ...

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Electronically compressing a sorted sequence of uncompressed keys, each having an associated pointer address for accessing the information represented by the key. Compression is by electronic transfer of the remaining part of any key after removing some or all of (1) high-order 'factored' bytes, and ...

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Electronically searching a Compressed Index for a representation of a search argument (SA). The index comprises a sequence of compressed keys (CK's) generated with the method in patent application Ser. No. 788,807, in which the sequence of compressed keys represents a sorted sequence of uncompressed ...

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This invention relates to a method of recording data and more specifically to apparatus for recording data wherein a control unit is utilized to regulate a data recording device and the data recording device is provided with means for accomplishing independently certain of the writing tasks in a man ...

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Abstract of the Disclosure A disc drive apparatus for a plurality of disc packsrotatable about spaced parallel axes has a single head accessmechanism driven by a single rotary drive about an axis paral-lel to and equidistant from the disc pack axes. The head accessmechanism includes, for each disc p ...