Benjamin Barron, S Chandrasekhara Rao: Methods and apparatus for maximizing and stabilizing electric power derived from wind driven source. Louis E Mapn, E M Olstein, August 23, 1983: US04400659 (50 worldwide citation)

The shaft of a wind turbine is connected to the rotor of a three-phase AC generator. The rotor windings, in turn, are connected to the rotor windings of a DC-energized, AC exciter via a differential frequency-converter. A frequency-detector, which monitors the output of the AC generator, is connecte ...

S Chandrasekhara Rao: AC synchronous motor having an axially laminated rotor. Bogue Electric Manufacturing Company, Carella Bain Gilfillian & Rhodes, August 29, 1978: US04110646 (19 worldwide citation)

An improved AC synchronous reluctance motor including a plurality of rotor segments wherein each rotor segment is comprised of a plurality of magnetic sub-segments and a plurality of electrically conductive sub-segments interspersed with said magnetic sub-segments and wherein each magnetic sub-segme ...

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