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A storage capacitor is constituted by a storage capacitor electrode, made of a transparent and conductive film extending substantially all over a substrate, and pixel electrodes overlapping with the storage capacitor electrode via an interlevel insulation layer. The storage capacitor holds charges. ...


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In a display device formed by adhering substrates facing one another using a seal, a buffer layer is disposed between the seal and a substrate to prevent separation between the substrates. Specifically, for example, a display region is configured by covering switching elements with a planarizing ins ...

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A vertical orientation type liquid crystal display having an orientation controlling means such as an orientation control window or an orientation control slope portion, wherein a storage capacitor electrode is disposed between a storage capacitor line extending across pixels and the liquid crystal, ...

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An EL element and an interface between a channel and an impurity diffusion area of a thin film transistor provided in the vicinity of the EL element are spaced apart. A light shielding film is provided between the EL element and the interface. By providing such a space and/or the light shielding fil ...

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Power source lines (183) for supplying drive current from power source input terminals (180) to organic EL elements (160) formed in a display pixel region having display pixels are connected by a bypass line (181) along the row direction within the display pixel region. This arrangement minimizes de ...

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Disclosed is a light-emitting display having a plurality of pixels wherein each pixel comprises a light-emitting device (100) having a light-emitting element layer which is formed between a first electrode and a second electrode and contains at least a light-emitting layer. An insulating layer (30) ...

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An active matrix type liquid crystal display comprises pixel electrodes corresponding to respective pixels and storage capacitor electrodes which are disposed lying adjacent to each pixel electrode, with an insulation layer interposed therebetween. Input terminal electrodes are positioned at ends of ...

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An organic EL element of one pixel is selectively irradiated with laser light. With the laser irradiation, the functionality of the organic layer of the organic EL element is selectively degraded and the light emission capability is removed without damaging the cathode.

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A display device includes a plurality of pixels and realizes a color display using emitted light of at least two wavelengths. Each pixel has a microresonator structure formed between a lower reflective film formed on a side near a substrate and an upper reflective film formed above the lower reflect ...