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A cryogenic process for separating relatively pure fractions of methane and carbon dioxide from mixtures thereof which also contain other components. The process utilizes a lean oil as an absorbent which performs the additional functions of preventing the formation of solid carbon dioxide within the ...

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An improved method for reducing the hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen polysulfide content of liquid sulfur, wherein, the liquid sulfur is brought into contact with a solid degradation catalyst consisting of alumina or a cobalt-molybdenum impregnated alumina at 250.degree. F. to 320.degree. F., preferabl ...

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This invention relates to water pollution control and concerns a method for removing dispersed oil droplets from water by contacting oleophilic bodies with an oil-water emulsion before the emulsion is separated in a settling tank. Oleophilic bodies which float on oil are provided in a settling tank ...

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A method is described by which sour liquid hydrocarbon streams are sweetened by subjecting said streams to oxidizing conditions in the presence of a hydrocarbon soluble alkanolamine.

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Regeneration of sulfided metal oxide absorbent in an absorber is conducted using as diluent for oxygen a portion of Claus plant gas-in-process withdrawn upstream of the absorber. The result is a reduction in the size of the absorber and/or a reduction in the rate of return of regeneration effluent t ...