Russell L Johnson: Digital tampon. Kimberly Clark Corporation, William D Herrick, Howard Olevsky, July 15, 1980: US04212301 (93 worldwide citation)

A digital tampon of unitary construction made of absorbent material capable of being compressed to self-sustaining form. A portion of the material is compressed to a rod-like shape to provide a rigid central support for the remaining relatively uncompressed portion which originates at the top of the ...

Elwood W Harke, Robert C Sokolowski, Russell L Johnson: Method of making agglomerated cellulosic particles using a substantially horizontal rotating drum. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Donald L Traut, December 24, 1985: US04560527 (80 worldwide citation)

A method of making agglomerated cellulosic particles, particularly useful as a cat litter, comprises agglomerating a moist blend of fibers, aggregates of fibers, and/or fiber-sized pieces of a fibrous cellulosic material in a substantially horizontal rotating drum to form agglomerated particles; com ...

Russell L Johnson, Frederich O Lassen: Interlabial pad. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Paul A Leipold, D L Traut, J J Duggan, June 17, 1986: US04595392 (80 worldwide citation)

An interlabial pad as provided having a cylindrodially-shaped central portion and oppositely disposed flaps. The method for forming the interlabial pad involves folding a pad blank along the central longitudinal axis and gathering and attaching the blank at spaced-apart portions below the fold line ...

Robert C Sokolowski, Russell L Johnson: Particulate paper product, especially for use as animal litter. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Gregory E Croft, Donald L Traut, Jeremiah J Duggan, October 28, 1986: US04619862 (61 worldwide citation)

Discrete absorbant particles, useful for example as an animal litter, are produced by joining together layers of formed paper pulp, the layers being compressed together in such a way as to remain together under normal use conditions, prior to immersion in water, but so as to wholly or partially sepa ...

Russell L Johnson: Perineal shield and discharge containment device. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Daniel J Hanlon Jr, William D Herrick, Howard Olevsky, January 8, 1980: US04182334 (48 worldwide citation)

A perineal shield and discharge containment device comprised of a sheet of flexible material adapted for folding along a plurality of pre-established fold lines to provide a folded configuration which will closely conform to the perineal contours of the human body. The pre-established fold lines rad ...

Russell L Johnson: Perineal shield. Weyerhaeuser Company, June 28, 1988: US04753645 (41 worldwide citation)

A shield to be worn between the legs of a user. The shield, on its body side has a non absorbent, liquid impermeable, flexible midspan and an outside perimeter of absorbent material. In use, liquid makes contact with the shield on the flexible midspan and is moved quickly away until the liquid conta ...

Russell L Johnson: Extendable hygienic pad. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Paul A Leipold, Donald L Traut, J J Duggan, July 1, 1986: US04597759 (38 worldwide citation)

Hygienic pads such as sanitary napkins are provided with extensions, which can be attached to a central pad unit to increase the dimension in a direction determined by the user.

Russell L Johnson: Perineal shield and discharge containment device. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Daniel J Hanlon Jr, William D Herrick, Raymond J Miller, January 10, 1978: US04067336 (37 worldwide citation)

A protective and discharge containment device for the perineum made from flexible sheet material shaped to provide close conformity with changing perineal contours by being folded on a set of pre-established lines radiating outward from a base point interiorly disposed on a line defining the main lo ...

Russell L Johnson, Frederick J Hrubecky, James E Fay III: Cooker and methods of cooking. Kimberly Clark Corporation, May 15, 1990: US04924845 (35 worldwide citation)

Cookers, methods of cooking and igniting fuel, and packaged fuel. Novel features of the cookers include receptacles and covers having reflective inner surfaces in the shapes of paraboloids. Another novel feature is a novel cooking surface and support which may extend above the top of the receptacle ...

Russell L Johnson: Semiconduction stress sensing apparatus. Honeywell, Theodore F Neils, August 24, 1982: US04345477 (28 worldwide citation)

An integrated circuit stress transducer system including signal processing circuitry responsive to signals from semiconductor stress sensors where the processing circuitry output signals are compensated for sensor stress sensitivity variations.