H Russell Hallman, John Trentman: Transaction cards and system. Electronic Data Magnetics, MacCord Mason PLLC, January 26, 2016: US09242436

A transaction and proximity cards having an improved construction and systems for utilizing such cards. The card system includes a card having only one top ply and only one bottom ply and a layer of high elongation adhesive between each of the only one top ply and the only one bottom ply. In one car ...

Russell Hallman, Michael Renner: Fluid Permeability Measurement System and Method. Bwxt Y 12, Luedeka Neely & Graham PC, December 27, 2007: US20070295059-A2

A system for measuring the permeance of a material. The permeability of the material may also be derived. The system provides a liquid or high concentration fluid bath on one side of a material test sample, and a gas flow across the opposing side of the material test sample. The mass flow rate of pe ...

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