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A programmable infusion system includes a disposable IV tubing apparatus for conveying intravenous fluid from a source to a patient. A compact, portable case has a receptacle for removably receiving a segment of the disposable apparatus. A peristaltic pump is mounted in the case for engaging the seg ...

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A multiple dose infusion controller for controlling the delivery of multiple dosages of an intravenous fluid from a source to a site comprises a compact, portable housing having a slot for removably receiving a segment of a disposable tubing connected to an IV source for transporting an IV fluid to ...

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The present invention provides a cost-effective, accurate use of multiple batteries in a battery pack

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The present invention concerns a club for impacting an object. The club may have a club head having a club face. At least one microprocessor in communication with a plurality of infrared sources is also provided. There are also a plurality of infrared sensors, and indicators configurable in a config ...