Rundell Herbert A: Method and apparatus for developing a surface well-drilling log. Texaco, Whaley T H, Ries C G, Dearborn Henry C, November 4, 1975: US3916684 (22 worldwide citation)

Method or system for developing a surface drilling log indicative of one or more parameters of the formation being drilled. Measurements include the bit revolutions, the depth of the bit in the hole, the weight on the bit, and a determination of tooth dullness of the bit. The results are correlated ...

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A method and several mechanisms for carrying out the method are disclosed. The method of (1) generating torque pulses by engaging a drill bit on the lower end of a rotating drill string in the bottom of a wellbore, and (2) monitoring the top of the drill string for the torque pulses therein may be p ...

Rundell Herbert A, Davis James B: Method and apparatus for monitoring the wear on a rotary drill bit. Texaco, November 27, 1973: US3774445 (14 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for monitoring the wear on a rotary drill bit including means for measuring the revolutions of the drill string and the weight on the bit, and for obtaining the product thereof, such product being a measure of the wear on the bit. A pulse train is generated having a pulse rate ...

Rundell Herbert A: System for borehole depth and tool position measurements. Texaco, February 22, 1972: US3643504 (11 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method and system for monitoring the depth of a borehole and the distance between the drilling tool and the bottom of the borehole which is usable concurrently with the drilling of the borehole. A rotary pulse generator is provided driven by the slow sheave of the crown block which se ...

Rundell Herbert A: Heavy duty dynamic torque measuring device. Texaco, August 17, 1971: US3599482 (9 worldwide citation)

A heavy duty coupling mechanism for use in measuring high torque. It includes a torque shaft with dynamic torque measuring instruments mounted thereon spaced longitudinally apart along the shaft. There is a pair of sprockets at one end of the torque shaft. One sprocket is solidly mounted on the shaf ...

Rundell Herbert A: Heavy-duty torque coupling. Texaco, Whaley Thomas H, Ries C G, July 16, 1974: US3823607 (7 worldwide citation)

A heavy-duty coupling unit that incorporates a sensitive torque-measuring device. It has provision for being mounted on the end of a torque-load transmitting shaft, and it has a folded-back structure so as to accommodate a gear or the like for a laterally coupled drive.

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The rotary speed of a rotary drive system, including a rotary engine, for a drill in a well is maintained at a predetermined value and is sensed by a tachometer. An electrical signal from the tachometer is converted to a pneumatic signal by an electro-pneumatic transducer which is applied to a recei ...

Rundell Herbert A: Raccord pour tuyaux ou tubes, Coupling for pipe or tubing. Texaco Development Corporation, SMART & BIGGAR, October 2, 1984: CA1175461

COUPLING FOR PIPE OR TUBING (D#77,105-F) ABSTRACT A coupling especially for connecting pipe ortubing that must not be subjected to torque as connectionsare made, or afterward. It includes a connector for each ofthe pipe ends that has a socket to receive the pipe and anextension with a flanged tip. T ...


Rundell Herbert A: Dispositif daccouplement et de mesure precise de couples dynamiques eleves, Sensitive heavy duty dynamic torque measurement coupling unit and meter. Texaco Development Corporation, SMART & BIGGAR, April 10, 1984: CA1165134

SENSITIVE HEAVY DUTY DYNAMIC TORQUE MEASUREMENT COUPLING UNIT AND METER (D#76, 514-F) ABSTRACT A sensitive and compact heavy duty torque coupler. It includes elements of a dynamic torque meter. There aredeflection elements to permit angular displacement underload, and they include radially situated ...