Ruel Carlton Terry: Generating medium BTU gas from coal in situ. In Situ Technology, July 11, 1978: US04099567 (231 worldwide citation)

Medium BTU gas is generated from coal in situ by establishing communication channels through the coal in part by projectiles and in part by burning. Oxygen is employed for reaction with the coal and reaction temperatures are controlled by injection of steam.

Ruel Carlton Terry: Recovering uranium from coal in situ. In Situ Technology, September 12, 1978: US04113313 (7 worldwide citation)

An underground carbonaceous deposit containing other mineral values is burned in situ. The underground hot zone is cooled down to temperature below the boiling point of a leaching solution. The leaching solution is percolated through the residial ash, with the pregnant solution recovered for separat ...

Ruel Carlton Terry: Gasification of coal in situ. In Situ Technology, April 19, 1977: US04018481 (6 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to the production of combustible gases from coal in situ, in which one or more passages are established between the surface of the ground and an underground coal deposit. The coal is set afire and the fire is sustained by injection of an oxidizer for a period of time. Oxidizer ...

Ruel Carlton Terry: Converting underground coal fires into commercial products. In Situ Technology, May 30, 1978: US04092052 (4 worldwide citation)

An underground coal fire is smothered by sealing the overburden for a minimum depth over the coal deposit. Wells are drilled into the fire area and the underground reaction zone is pressurized. Using various combinations of injecting oxidizers and reducing agents the coal deposit is produced in situ ...