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A truck cab (32) is disclosed as having a lower cab component (38) including a unitary, lower member (46) with a rear wall (48), a floor (50), and a toe panel (52), and as also having an upper cab component (40) including a unitary, upper member (66) having a roof (68), a pair of windshield pillars ...

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A reinforcing insert (16) for a vehicle body (10) has a shell-like construction positionable within the vehicle occupant compartment (14) and includes a front end (54) having a foot portion (56) as well as including a rear end (58) of an upwardly and forwardly opening shape. The reinforcing insert a ...

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A fiber reinforced structure having a hollow blow-molded core and a method for manufacturing the same. Bulk fibrous material is dispensed between two die pieces of a mold. A blow-moldable plastic parison is extruded within the fibrous material. The mold is closed, pinching the parison closed and det ...

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An improved pick-up truck includes an integral auxiliary load compartment positioned between the cab and the load box of the pick-up, the auxiliary load compartment having lateral side walls which extend in parallel planar relationship with adjacent portions of the cab and load box.

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A low cost concealed radio antenna makes use of a weather seal gasket material used to surround an automotive body opening. The weather seal gasket contains a metal carrier strip functions as the antenna conductor when connected to a radio antenna terminal.

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A hinge is provided for connecting together two adjacent panes in a window of an automobile having a fold-down convertible top. The hinge comprises two separate, opposing lengths of tape, each having transverse reinforcing fibers associated therewith. Each length of tape further includes adhesive on ...

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A vehicle body has multiple panels adhesively bonded in spaced relationship without direct contact therebetween, the vehicle body constructed by presenting discrete body panels into an assembled position with respect to a single base for application of an adhesive thereon to secure the body panels t ...

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An assembly apparatus for assembling multiple panels at a single assembly site into an adhesively fixed, spaced relationship without direct contact therebetween mounts the panels with respect to a single base for movement into an assembled position. The apparatus has a base for receiving an underbod ...