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A well tubular is hung within a casing through placement of the tubular in overlapping relationship with the casing. A spacer may be located therebetween. The tubular is expanded which in turn expands the spacer when used. The tubular is expanded beyond the yield point such that it or an intervening ...

Gary L Bailey, Ross S Woods: Method and apparatus for expansion sealing concentric tubular structures. Cox & Smith Incorporated, March 11, 2003: US06530574 (61 worldwide citation)

A device and method for sealing a first cylinder in a fixed position inside a second concentric cylinder. The inner cylinder has an annular depression in its wall at the point of sealant placement, which causes the wall of the inner cylinder to intrude inwardly. The depression is filled with a parti ...

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An air beam structure having reduced weight, increased rigidity, and lower inflation pressure requirements. The structure includes a closed tubular cylindrical shell of air impermeable fabric having at least one inflation valve. Fixed within the shell is an ā€œIā€ beam envelope comprised of flexible, a ...