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Hand-held shirt-pocket portable instrument for quantitative measurement of glucose or analysis in biological fluids. The system accepts a disposable diagnostic reagent test device which has a reagent carrier and mode of identifying to the instrument the reagent lot characteristics. The instrument in ...

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A storage unit is provided for containing compact discs in a vertical orientation and allowing the user to easily load and unload the discs. The unit includes a housing with an open front, laterally spaced dividers which hold the discs in place, and adjustable members which facilitate loading and un ...

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A printer stand comprising spaced right and left supports. Each support is a unitary plastic molding which includes an elongated wide support member having a flat upper support surface. Central and rear paper passageway notches are open at the inner edge of the member and a reinforcing rib extends a ...

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A paper guiding system for an acoustic printer enclosure which includes universally adjustable paper guides which slidably extend into the interior of the printer enclosure to direct printer paper across the gap formed between the paper transport system of a printer housed in the enclosure and the p ...





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PURPOSE: To sample blood and perform quantitative analysis of a specimen to be analyzed in humor by including a base strip having a plurality of opening parts, a lot discrimination paper, a reagent member, sucking core material and a cover strip having an opening part. CONSTITUTION: A reagent strip ...