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A compound of the formula:and compounds of the formulas:wherein R1 is independently in each occurrence C1-20 hydrocarbyl or C1-20 hydrocarbyl containing one or more S, N, O, P or Si atoms, C4-16 hydrocarbyl carbonyloxy, C4-16 aryl(trialkylsiloxy) or both R1 may form with the 9-carbon on the fluorene ...

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Embodiments of the invention provide a comb architecture olefin block copolymer, a method of making the comb olefin block copolymer and blends comprising the comb olefin block copolymer.

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Novel Group 4 metal complexes of the constrained geometry type have the following formula (I) in which M is the Group 4 metal in the +2, +3 or +4 formal oxidation state; and Z is (R)2Si-Y-, wherein R independently each occurrence is tolyl, n-butylphenyl or naphthyl or two R groups together are C6-20 ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a 2,7-dihalofluorene substituted at 9th position or a film containing the polymer or oligomer of the substituted fluorene.SOLUTION: This substituted fluorene expressed by formula I or II [wherein, R1s are each independently a 1-20C hydrocarbyl or a 1-20C hydrocarbyl ...

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A composition comprising a mixture of aluminum containing Lewis acids, said mixture corresponding to. the formula: (Ar f 3A1)(A1Q1 3)y(-A1Q2-O-) z where Ar f is a fluorinated aromatic hydrocarbyl moiety of from 6 to 30 carbon atoms; Q1 is C1-20 alkyl; Q2 is C1-20 hydrocarbyl, optionally substituted ...

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The invention relates to 2,7-substituted-9-substituted fluorenes and 2,7-dihalo-9-substituted fluorenes oligomer and polymers. The fluorenes, oligomer and polymers are substituted at the 9-position with two hydrocarbyl moieties which may optionally contain one or more of sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, ph ...