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The invention relates to a sealed cable article and method for sealing the area between two or more cables and between the cables and an enclosure with a shaped article at a location where the cables exit from the enclosure, the method comprising (a) providing a shaped article of a polymeric gel sai ...


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The invention relates to novel gelloid composition comprising a crosslinked non-silicone polymer having an olefinic unsaturated content of less than 10 mole percent and having dispersed therein a liquid in an amount of from about 20% to about about 95% by weight based on the weight of the liquid and ...


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A shrinkable tubular article comprises a tubular inner elastomeric member held in a radially expanded configuration by a tubular outer restraining means. The restraining means is prepared from a blend of a relatively rigid thermoplastic material and a segmented copolymer having at least one segment ...


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A cavity sealing article for use in a longitudinally extending cavity defined by cavity walls, the cavity having a cross-section within the cavity walls which is to be sealed at a predetermined location, comprises: (a) a driver comprising a crosslinked foamable polymer, the driver having a size, sha ...

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A cable splice is environmentally sealed by positioning around it a stretched sheet of a curable elastomeric composition, allowing the sheet to relax into engagement, and then curing the composition. The composition may comprise a polychloroprene elastomer and a polyepoxide and optionally a curing a ...

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This invention provides a planar sealing article including: (a) a driver including a crosslinked foamable polymer, and (b) a sealer including an uncrosslinked foamable polymer in intimate contact with the driver and surrounding the driver in the plane of the article, the sealer having a plurality of ...

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An ink ribbon inking device, which utilizes a motor to carry an eccentric shaft to push the core of an inking pen to move up and down permitting the ink contained in such an inking pen to intermittently flow downward, and simultaneously to drive two ink ribbon driving shafts to carry the ink ribbon ...