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A holographic thin rear exterior lamp for a vehicle including a light pipe (11) having first and second opposing surfaces (11a, 11b), a rear exterior lamp hologram (13, 113) attached to one of the first and second surfaces of the light pipe, a polarization rotating retarder film (16, 116) attached t ...

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A compact, inexpensive and mass-producible optical display system for an automobile creates a highly visible and sharp, high contrast and pleasing, multi-color magnified virtual image of a primary instrument cluster at a viewing distance which is greater than the actual optical distance between the ...

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A system and method are described for achieving a high efficiency, full color display using color sensitive lenses such as holographic lenses. A lens assembly is composed of discrete lens elements (1, 2, 3) which are sensitive to different wavelengths bands of light. Each lens element (1, 2, 3) focu ...

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A process for depositing on the surface of a substrate a layer of a chosen material having continuous gradations in refractive index in a predetermined periodic pattern. The substrate is exposed to two vapor phase reactants which react upon radiation-inducement to produce the chosen material, and th ...

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An improved holographic backlight and liquid crystal display system. The holographic backlight comprises a cold cathode fluorescent tube for providing white light, and a light pipe disposed to receive the white light. A phase retarding film layer is attached to a first surface of the light pipe. A d ...

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An improved optical combiner useful in many applications is disclosed. The combiner includes a substrate with at least one aspheric surface and an diffraction-type reflective coating formed on the substrate for selectively reflecting radiation within one or more predetermined narrow band ranges of w ...

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A waveguide holographic telltale display for displaying images to a vehicle driver via the vehicle windshield. A light source injects light into the base of a clear inner windshield singlet. A mirror hologram between the inner and outer singlets confines a majority of the injected light to the inner ...

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A plurality of reflective diffusing holographic memory elements (16) is positioned on a memory plate (14). An array (24) of detectors (22) faces at least one of the memory elements. A laser (26) illuminates the selected memory element and the data stored therein is reflected onto the array for readi ...

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A head-up display having an image source for producing imaging illumination, an optical combiner for partially reflecting the imaging illumination to produce a virtual image of the image source that is viewable by the operator of the vehicle, and a polarizer which can be controllably interposed betw ...

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A virtual image display including an image hologram, a dispersion compensating hologram for providing playback illumination to the image hologram, and an illumination source for providing playback illumination to the dispersion compensating hologram.