Ronald S Griffiths, John E Searles: Liquid dispenser meter. Bacon & Thomas, September 21, 1982: US04350265 (52 worldwide citation)

A meter for a liquid dispenser of the type having an axially movable plunger. The meter includes a housing detachably mountable on the dispenser. The housing has a bore in which is engaged a sleeve on the dispenser. An annular space is provided, coaxially of the bore. In this space is provided a cyl ...

Ronald S Griffiths, John E Searles: Dispensing measures. R and A Bailey & Company, Arnold White & Durkee, January 9, 1990: US04892236 (4 worldwide citation)

A measure for use in dispensing drinks and other liquids which are of relatively high viscosity, such as cream based liqueurs, having a measuring chamber with an entry port and an exit port, an internal operating standard and an actuator to move the internal operating standard between a dispensing p ...