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The present invention is a system and method for identifying a vehicle in a prescribed area of a service station and associating services with the vehicle. Each vehicle includes a transponder. Communication between the transponder and the service stations is via radio frequency signals.

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This invention is directed to a methjod for charging a rechargeable battery. In this method, the open voltage of the battery is measured and the number of cells estimated. The state of charge of the battery is then tested by supplying a controllably varying charging current to the battery and testin ...

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An electrically conductive polymer, doped with at least one electron acceptor or electron donor, which polymer has a main chain of arylene units and interspersed regularly or irregularly between them one or more chalcogen atoms or groups of such atoms, especially sulfur and/or oxygen atoms; especial ...

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Certain polyacetylenes exhibit reversible color changes at transition temperatures in the range -180.degree. to 220.degree. C., wherein the thermochromic cycles can be repeated many times with no apparent degradation and little change in spectroscopic properties.

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Batteries and especially secondary batteries employing an anode comprising aluminum and a molten, non-aqueous electrolyte containing admixtures of aluminum halide and 1,2,3-trialkylimidazolium halides having the formula TimX: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1, R.sub.2 and R.sub.3 are independently alkyl grou ...

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A photoactivated time-temperature indicator is based on diacetylenic salts. A thermally unreactive ("inactive") diacetylenic salt (or a mixture of such salts) is mixed, in a polymeric matrix, with a material that generates acid upon exposure to light. Photoexcitation, preferably by UV or near UV lig ...

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The separation of a target gas selected from a high pressure gas mixture containing said target gas as well as a product gas using a swing adsorption process unit. A turboexpander is used upstream of the swing adsorber to reduce the pressure of the high pressure gas mixture. A compressor is optional ...

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The present invention relates to engineered structured adsorbent contactors for use in pressure swing adsorption and thermal swing adsorption processes. Preferably, the contactors contain engineered and substantially parallel flow channels wherein 20 volume percent or less of the open pore volume of ...

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The adsorption of CO2 from flue gas streams using temperature swing adsorption. Adsorbent contactors are used in the temperature swing adsorption unit that contain a plurality of substantially parallel channels comprised of or coated with an adsorbent material that is selective for adsorbing CO2 fro ...

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A process for the separation of one or more heavy hydrocarbon gases from a gas mixture containing heavy hydrocarbon gas components and methane. The process is conducted in swing adsorption apparatus containing adsorbent contactor having a plurality of flow channels and wherein 20 volume percent or l ...