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A composite strip material comprising at least a backing layer, an adhesive layer on a surface thereof, and a removable protective layer over and contacting and peelably adherent to at least part of the adhesive layer; wherein each layer is finger-tearable and wherein at least one layer is cleanly f ...

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A net formed integrally of blended incompatible polymers, with parallel smooth longitudinal ribs interconnected by a plurality of split strands non-uniformly interspersed with a plurality of differently sized voids, by stretching a film with a generally longitudinal set of parallel primary grooves a ...

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A moisture vapor transmitting film comprising a blend of polyurethane and an incompatible polymer characterized in that the incompatible polymer forms a discrete phase within a continuous matrix of polyurethane and that said film contains voids and processes for the manufacture thereof.

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The present invention discloses a method and system for improving speech recognition. In this invention, there is a training phase where text data generated from a speech recognition system is collected and aligned with a corresponding true transcription of the speech recognition text data. A prelim ...

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A disposable applicator for placing a pharmacologically active agent in contact with a moist body surface, especially the eye is in the form of an elongate strip disposed at one end of which is a soluble matrix element containing the pharmacologically active agent so that on contact with the moist b ...

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A melt-embossed polymer film with primary parallel grooves on one surface and secondary parallel grooves on the other surface such that the combined tapes of the grooves is at least substantially equal to the film thickness, the two sets of grooves being located at an angle to each other of not less ...

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An extruded sheet or the like of cold-drawable polymer such as polypropylene is embossed as a molten sheet by a circumferentially multi-grooved roller and stretched in the direction of the embossed grooves to split into filaments along the grooves.

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A non-woven fabric is produced by stretching the film with on one surface a regular pattern of raised areas such as spaced hexagonal bosses and on the other surface a plurality of parallel grooves. Stretching is carried out in the groove direction. Preferably the polymer is a mixture of incompatible ...

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A layered intermediate used in inkjet printing contains a release coat formed on a transfer medium in an area where an image has not been printed. The release coat is formed of polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) or a PVP copolymer and at least one solvent selected from the group consisting of glycol solven ...

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A method of printing uses a liquid applicator to apply a coating solution ontaining polyvinyl pyrrolidone or a polyvinyl pyrrolidone copolymer to an intermediate transfer medium. An image is printed onto the intermediate transfer medium using an ink jet printing device. The coating solution contains ...