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A dual liquid spraying assembly comprises an outer container containing at least two separate compartments for two different liquids, a spray pump dispenser for mounting on the outlet of the container, and a valve assembly mounted between the compartments and the spray pump dispenser for controlling ...

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A syringe assembly for an inflation control system having a mounting head at one end is pivotally mounted in a mounting bracket for engagement with a drive arm. The mounting bracket is stationary in relation to the drive arm of the system. The mounting head includes a lateral projection on each of i ...

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A CPM device is disclosed having a single drive tube supporting the calf and thigh support members. Arms extend upwardly from the calf and thigh support members, each supporting an adjustable cradle in which the calf or thigh rests. The support arms are rotatable 180 degrees so that either leg may b ...

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A continuous passive motion therapy device with drive means carried on the patients hand or arm having a gear train extending down the patients hand and movable drive arms connectable at a plurality of locations along the gear train to selectively exercise the metacarpophalangeal joint or the interp ...

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A backcountry ski binding having a boot-receiving frame (10) and a climbing attachment (40) is detachably mountable (24, 26) upon a ski and convertible between a plurality of climbing modes (L) and a stored mode (C). The frame includes adjustable rear support means (28) that permit free heel operati ...