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A warning system (12) for a source vehicle (10) is illustrated. A camera (20) generates a plurality of images. A controller (30) is coupled to an indicator (36). The controller (30) generates a size signal and position signal for a rear-approaching vehicle. The controller (30) activates an indicator ...


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A vehicle safety system (10) includes a light source (32). A beam-forming assembly (34) is optically coupled to the light source (32). An object detection sensor (16) detects an object and generates an object detection signal. A controller (18) is coupled to the beam-forming assembly (34) and the ob ...

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An overhead-view display system for a vehicle is provided. The display system comprises a reference vehicle indicator within an overhead field of view and at least three field of view display segments. Each display segment represents a physical region adjacent the reference vehicle and includes a fi ...

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A vehicular mirror 12 having a first curved portion 18 and a second substantially planar portion 16. The first curved portion 18 is deployed in close proximity to the vehicle 10, thereby substantially eliminating the conventional “blind spot” while concomitantly providing a relatively wide field of ...





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A method for operating a pre-crash sensing system for a vehicle having an object detecting system and an associated data storage. The method includes partitioning the vehicle operating environment into a plurality of zones wherein each zone represents a different area surrounding the vehicle. In res ...