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A system for maintaining data consistency among distributed processors, each having its associated cache memory. A processor addresses data in its cache by specifying the virtual address. The cache will search its cells for the data associatively. Each cell has a virtual address, a real address, fla ...

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An improved sliding window dictionary-based compression method limits the data within the sliding window searched to data strings occurring at each discrete match location within a plurality of predefined discrete match locations, the plurality of predefined discrete match locations comprising a set ...

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High resolution character generator for producing rows of characters to be scanned on a display medium. Input data defining characters to be printed in ordered rows of text is sorted to provide specifications for the characters which being on each successive scan line. These specifications are store ...

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A process of loading an image in the form of a bit map into a memory which can transfer data words in burst mode in either row or column direction. First, the memory is divided into two sections with odd words stored in one section, even in the other, which allows ping pong buffers to be reading one ...

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A circuit and method for the high speed generation and comparison of Hamming codes to enable the correction of an error burst is described. The circuit generates or compares n Hamming codes simultaneously with the data field transmission. Each code word is associated with a data field word comprisin ...

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An adapter is provided as an interface between a raster output scanning printer and an electronic image processor which formats digital information for use by the printer in creating printed images. The adapter accepts digital pulses through a structured array of communication lines from the electro ...

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A circuit to encode image data. The circuit receives image data in four bit nibbles which are either all-zero nibbles or terminating nibbles containing at least one non-zero bit. The circuit output is a series of code words, each a multiple of four bits and up to twenty-four bits long, packed into e ...

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A layered document services architecture facilitating operation and interconnection of electronic printing systems with both resident and non-resident work inputs.

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System and method for parallel decoding of character data in run length format to produce data in dot matrix form for presentation to a display device. The data for successive runs is stored in registers and processed in parallel to provide address data for memory devices programmed to deliver prede ...

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A circuit for controlling the clock rate separately for each facet of a polygon used in a laser driven raster output scanner. The clock rate for facet #0 is servoed using a first order integrator (11) driven by a digital correction circuit which compares the actual number of pulses against the requi ...