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A method for generating a plurality of moving objects on a video display screen in, for example, a video amusement game which utilizes a system of time shared hardware to provide for a change in position of the moving objects on the video screen. The method includes an object storage memory which ma ...

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Apparatus for producing a plurality of audio sound effects such as shots, explosions, and airplane and car sounds, used in electronic games utilizes a variable clock driving a variable digital noise generator whose audio output amplitude is shaped by either of two types of control units. In one type ...

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A three-dimensional ultrasonic position control device suitable for controlling computer displays or robot movements is disclosed.

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A construction set is made up of a plurality of detachably chainable links capable of being pivotally attached to one another to form stable geometric structures. Detents are provided at a plurality of pivot positions so as to preferentially hold the engaged links in stable and precise positions rel ...

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A broadcast and reception system provides a segmented broadcast signal for providing regional traffic information and a receiver adapted to receive selected segments of that broadcast. The segmented broadcast signal includes a number of segments which each include a tone sequence, a digital regional ...

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A puzzle of the type having an array of movable tiles enclosed and supported by a frame structure includes circuitry for producing sound to identify each of the tiles. Each tile is formed with contact terminals formed on a surface that confronts a support surface of the frame. The support surface de ...

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Apparatus for continuous variation of object size on a raster type video screen in a television game. The input of a voltage controlled oscillator is varied by a game controller. The output of the oscillator drives horizontal and vertical counters at rates corresponding to the object size. These cou ...

Ronald E Milner: Hand-held puppet with pseudo-voice generation. Axlon, Townsend and Townsend, August 18, 1987: US04687457 (28 worldwide citation)

A hand-held puppet of the type configured to represent a living being, and having hand-controllable moving parts to simulate some form of animation, is provided with sound-generating apparatus operable in response to the hand-controlled animation simulation. The sound-generating apparatus includes a ...

Ronald E Milner: Puppet-like apparatus. Atari, Townsend and Townsend, February 20, 1979: US04139968 (27 worldwide citation)

Puppet-like apparatus includes a manikin head having a face with a hinged jaw. A drive motor is connected to the jaw to reciprocate it. Within the head are a radio receiver having a level detector which responds to the audio peaks to actuate the drive motor in forward and reverse directions to open ...

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An electronic musical instrument shaped like an electric guitar sounds individual notes that are synthesized to sound like an electric guitar. These notes may either be selected randomly selected by a player or from segments of prearranged musical tracks. The instrument provides for maintaining the ...