David G Perkins, Jon R Salvati, William M Wrisley, Ronald A Hauptli, Stephen C Wilson, Russ J Kalil, Richard A Monroe: Compact imaging instrument system. Welch Allyn, Wall Marjama Billinski & Burr, August 22, 2000: US06106457 (157 worldwide citation)

An imaging instrument includes a compact hand-held housing having an electronic imaging element supported within a housing, and a plurality of interchangeable instrument heads separably attachable to the housing. Each of the instrument heads includes an optical system disposed in alignment with the ...

Steven R Slawson, Ronald A Hauptli, Chris R Roberts, Allan I Krauter, Ervin Goldfain: Focusing mechanism. Welch Allyn, Wall Marjama & Bilinsk, May 21, 2002: US06390625 (142 worldwide citation)

A focusing mechanism for an optical instrument includes an eyepiece having at least one lens element retained within an eyepiece housing, a stationary carrier for retaining the eyepiece, and a rotatable thumb wheel. A pair of levers operatively connect the eyepiece housing with the rotatable thumb w ...

William H Lagerway, David G Perkins, William M Wrisley, Ronald A Hauptli: Objective lens system for imaging instrument. Welch Allyn, Wall Marjama & Bilinski, November 7, 2000: US06142934 (42 worldwide citation)

A retrofocus objective lens system which is conducive for an otoscope includes a first group of optical elements positioned at a distal portion and a second group of optical elements proximally spaced from the first group of optical elements. The first group of optical elements includes at least one ...

Marcia J Wawro, Ronald A Hauptli, Michael Cariseo: Diagnostic instrument system. Welch Allyn, Wall Marjama & Bilinski, October 10, 2000: US06130520 (23 worldwide citation)

A handle for a diagnostic instrument includes a battery housing for retaining at least one rechargeable battery and a set of interchangeable adapters which can be selectively and releasably engaged with the housing to allow recharging of the battery through interconnection with an external power sou ...

Ronald A Hauptli: Diagnostic binocular viewing instrument. Welch Allyn, Wall Marjama & Bilinski, March 9, 1999: US05880884 (3 worldwide citation)

A diagnostic binocular viewing instrument includes a housing having a defined inner cavity, and a pair of adjustable eyepiece assemblies slidingly attached to said housing, each of the sliding eyepiece assemblies having an adjustable mirror for aligning to a fixed centrally disposed mirror. The eyep ...

Ronald A Hauptli: Binocular ophthalmoscope with mirror adjustment. Welch Allyn, Harris Beach & Wilcox, February 28, 1995: US05394201 (3 worldwide citation)

A binocular ophthalmoscope having a pair of eyepieces that are mounted in a frame and arranged to view a target area in the eye through a pair of angularly offset reflecting surfaces. The reflecting surfaces are seated on a carriage that is mounted for reciprocation in the frame. A mirror is pivotal ...


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