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There is described a slurry for use in chemical mechanical polishing of copper layers in integrated circuit fabrication. The slurry includes a chromate oxidant, such as sodium chromate tetrahydrate (Na.sub.2 CrO.sub.4.4H.sub.2 O). The chromate oxidant provides a slightly basic slurry solution that e ...

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A feedback control system for providing automated and in-situ control of multi-component chemical concentrations in a liquid bath used for semiconductor processing. A sample from the liquid bath is injected into a carrier stream and routed to a conductivity detector and to an amperometric detector. ...

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Chemical mechanical polishing slurry characteristics, such as oxidant concentration and abrasive particle dispersion, are determined using electrochemical measurement techniques, such as chronoamperometry, amperometry, chronopotentiometry, ionic conductivity, or linear sweep potentiometry. Slurry ch ...

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A feedback control system for providing automated control of multi-component chemical concentrations in a hydrogen peroxide/ammonia (SC-1) aqueous bath or in a hydrogen peroxide/hydrochloric (SC-2) aqueous bath used for semiconductor processing. A sample from the liquid bath is routed to two sensors ...

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Buffered slurries are used in a semiconductor process for chemical mechanical polishing of metal layers, such as aluminum or titanium. The slurries may comprise an oxidant capable of causing a passive oxide film to form on a metal based layer. The oxidant may comprise a diluent and may be optionally ...


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A method of measuring the phosphorus concentration in phosphosilicate and borophosphosilicate films using infrared spectroscopy in conjuction with derivative spectroscopic techniques. This method is easily adapted for use with a Fourier Transform spectrometer. A spectrum of the film is taken with a ...

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A pelletized, thermally activated, lightweight power source composed of a lithium alloy solid anode, a transition metal chloride-graphite solid cathode and an alkali metal tetrachloroaluminate solid state electrolyte positioned between and in contact with said anode and cathode.

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A method for preparing alkyl pyridinium chlorides by effecting a direct reaction between the corresponding alkyl chloride and pyridine.