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An ink-jet printing system and ink supply configuration are disclosed that can utilize the advantages of reactive inks while allowing for maximum flexibility in the design and architecture of the ink-jet printing system. The ink-jet printing apparatus comprises a printhead portion having at least th ...

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Aqueous ink compositions containing anti-curl agents substantially reduce or eliminate paper curl in plain-paper printed elements without adversely effecting storage stability, decap properties or print quality, and thus eliminate the need for expensive and bulky mechanical curl-arresting devices or ...

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A misalignment compensation technique for a dot printer is disclosed. This technique first supplies printing instructions to a printhead for energizing printing elements in various groups (primitives) to print a pattern on a medium. The printed pattern is then detected by optical sensors in the prin ...

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A novel polymeric orifice plate for a printhead. The plate includes a recess in the top surface thereof which terminates at a position between the top and bottom plate surfaces. The recess communicates with a bore which passes through the remainder of the plate and terminates at the bottom surface. ...

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Inks used in ink-jet printing comprise a vehicle and a dye. The dye is typically an anionic dye, associated with undesirable cations such as sodium or potassium cations. Several properties of such inks are improved by replacing at least about one-fourth of such cations on the anionic dye with tetram ...

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Described is a method for incremental printing with an inkjet swath printer by depositing multiple drops of an ink from a printhead in each column of an image, in each scanning pass of the printhead over a print medium by obtaining the image, analyzing the image to determine which drops of ink will ...

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An inkjet printer has a pen holder for removably holding an ink pen, a detector circuit for detecting whether ink with a degraded quality is likely to be ejected by said ink pen, and a servicing circuit responsive to said detector circuit for causing an initial quantity of ink to be discharged from ...

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A fluid ejection device includes a die having a plurality of nozzles variously configured according to a predetermined intended distribution. The fluid ejection device also includes a controller configured to set a mean drop volume of the die by selectively firing selected nozzles of the die.

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An inkjet printer system fires smaller ink droplets in a single-pass print mode to achieve addressible print resolution of 600 dpi in the carriage scan axis along with 300 dpi resolution in the media advance axis, without having to employ any dot-depletion algorithms. In one embodiment, the system p ...