Ron F Blackwelder, Mohamed Gad el Hak: Method and apparatus for reducing turbulent skin friction. Don R Mollick, June 12, 1990: US04932612 (46 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for reducing the skin friction on objects in relative motion to a field of fluid. The areas of relative low speed motion are fixed to align with a series of ridges on the surface of the object. The areas of low speed motion aligned with the ridges are removed by suction from t ...

Ron F Blackwelder, Mohamed Gad el Hak, Randy A Srnsky: Method and apparatus for controlling bound vortices in the vicinity of lifting surfaces. Flow, Don R Mollick, Gregory W Moravan, October 6, 1987: US04697769 (29 worldwide citation)

The lift generated by delta wings is due primarily to large vortices associated with the flow separation near the leading edge. The invention includes a perturbation device to control the separation shedding of those vortices and manipulate their frequency and pairing. This results in different grow ...

Ron F Blackwelder: Vorticity probe utilizing strain measurements. University of Southern California, Nilsson Robbins Dalgarn Berliner Carson & Wurst, March 27, 1979: US04145921 (6 worldwide citation)

A probe with no-moving parts for measuring the vorticity of a flowing fluid. The probe consists of an elongated, cylindrical stem member having one end fixedly mounted, means for imparting to the other end of the stem member a torque which is proportional to the vorticity of a flowing fluid, and mea ...

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