Rolf Muller: Fish eye lens system. Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, March 3, 1987: US04647161 (116 worldwide citation)

A high performance medium speed fish eye lens system is provided, capable of compensating all aberrations except the distortion at an aperture ratio of at least 1:4.2. The lens system consists of a first lens group (G1) of negative refractive power including two negative lenses curved towards the ob ...

Rolf Muller, Gunter Wrobel: Compact miniature fan. Michael J Striker, August 14, 1979: US04164690 (96 worldwide citation)

A compact miniature fan has an air-guidance housing of rectangular parallelepiped configuration. The housing has two opposite end walls and side walls. One end wall is provided with an air inflow opening. One side wall is provided with an air outflow opening. The other end wall comprises a base plat ...

Hans Harald Sedlacek, Klaus Bosslet, Rolf Muller: Gene therapy of tumors with an endothelial cell-specific, cell cycle-dependent active compound. Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft, Foley & Lardner, November 3, 1998: US05830880 (86 worldwide citation)

A DNA sequence for the gene therapy of tumors is described. In its essential elements, the DNA sequence is composed of an activator sequence, a promoter module and a gene for the active substance. The activator sequence is activated, in a cell-specific manner, in proliferating endothelial cells or i ...

August Leins, Rolf Muller: All-ceramic drill bit. Cerasiv Innovatives Keramik Engineering, Felfe & Lynch, June 24, 1997: US05641251 (77 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an all-ceramic drill bit which combines the positive properties of ceramic with a tool geometry adapted to the special features of the material. The drill bit is formed with a groove for the shavings which extends in the axial direction linearly along a surface line.

Rolf Muller: Brushless direct current motor system. Papst Motoren & Co KG, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, November 19, 1985: US04554473 (76 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a brushless direct current motor system and includes a switching circuit support mounted on stationary parts of the motor. The switching circuit support with electronic drive means is part of the stator and is disposed inside the rotatable housing. The axial extension of the ...

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Electric motor with a substantially cylindrical air gap between the stator and the rotor, the stator being fitted to a bearing support for the rotor shaft bearing. In order to reduce noise emissions, the stator is connected to the bearing support by means of an elastic damper and the stator and bear ...

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In a brushless d.c. motor with a permanent magnet rotor with the recessing of a radial narrow air gap, a part of the flux emanating from the rotor is concentrated onto a stationary magnetic flux sensitive control member which controls a commutator circuit. For concentration of the flux onto the cont ...

Wilbert Reibetanz, Karl Wanner, Otto Baumann, Rolf Muller: Automatically locking chuck for drill or the like. Robert Bosch, Michael J Striker, December 29, 1992: US05174588 (49 worldwide citation)

A chuck for use in a percussion drill or the like has a unit for securing the chuck jaws against unintentional loosening during operation. The securing unit moves from an unlocked position in which a tool can be received by the chuck jaws to a locked position automatically for drilling operations wi ...

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A driving mechanism for magnetic hard disc memories includes an isolated space for maximum cleanness, a driving motor mounted within the apparatus and having a stator and a rotor, the motor when energized having parts producing magnetic flux, a hub extending into the space of maximum cleanness for r ...

Rolf Muller: Brushless direct current motor system. Papst Motoren & Co K G, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, October 6, 1987: US04698542 (45 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a brushless direct current motor system that includes an outer rotor receiving a load member such as a fan wheel having a plurality of blades. An axial extension of the rotor functions as a drive boss whose diameter is independent of the diameter of the motor stator core and ...