Reinhold Eichhorn, Michael Harms, Sebastian Hottenrott, Peter Junk, Michael Odemer, Jens Störkel, Roland Ullmann, Jürgen Wolf: Multipole connector assembly for low-voltage appliances. Braun, Fish & Richardson PC, March 11, 2003: US06530793 (34 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to a multipole connector assembly for connection of a low voltage to an electric appliance (E) of personal use, with a plug (


Roland Ullmann: Hair cutting apparatus, in particular electric hair cutting apparatus. Braun Aktiengesellschaft, Raymond J De Vellis, June 2, 1987: US04669189 (23 worldwide citation)

In a hair cutting apparatus, particularly an electric hair cutting apparatus, with a shearing head comprised of a shear plate and a cutting element as well as with a spacer comb adapted to be seated on the shearing head for sliding contact with the skin surface to be treated, with the position of th ...

Roland Ullmann, Helmut Faulstich: Dry shaving apparatus with pivotally mounted long-hair trimmer. Braun Aktiengesellschaft, Fish & Richardson P C, December 30, 1997: US05701673 (21 worldwide citation)

A dry shaving apparatus includes a housing, at least one short-hair cutter, a long-hair trimmer that is pivotally-mounted to the housing such that the long-hair trimmer can pivot into and out of an operating position, an electric drive mechanism which during operation drives said short-hair cutter a ...

Werner Messinger, Roland Ullmann, Otto Schweingruber: Dryshaver. Braun Aktiengesellschaft, Michael J Striker, August 18, 1981: US04283848 (18 worldwide citation)

A dryshaver has a beard cutter and a drive which powers the same. The dryshaver also has a long-hair trimmer and a fist slide on which the trimmer is mounted and which is movable to and from an operating position in which the trimmer is operatively coupled with the drive to be powered by the same. A ...

Roland Ullmann: Beverage brewing apparatus. Braun Aktiengesellschaft, Fish & Richardson, January 23, 1996: US05485778 (17 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to a beverage brewing apparatus (1) comprising a filter assembly (18) which is removable from the brewer housing (2) along a plane of movement (24) and includes an opening (25) open in upward direction and formed by an upper rim (22). In inserted condition, the opening (25) ...

Roland Ullmann: Electric hair cutting apparatus. Braun Aktiengesellschaft, Fish & Richardson, July 12, 1994: US05327648 (17 worldwide citation)

Described is an electric hair-cutter with a spacer comb (3) fitted on the cutter head and a sliding switch (11) for switching the hair-cutter on and off. The invention calls for the hair-cutter to have a preselector (60) switch which can be set so that the motor is not switched on until the slider s ...


Roland Ullmann, Thorsten Pohl: Slide switch. Braun, Fish & Richardson P C, February 21, 2006: US07002085 (11 worldwide citation)

A slide switch, in particular for an electric small appliance, with a switch slide slidably mounted in a housing and a locking switch that is arranged in the switch slide and is adapted to be locked with the housing or with a member connected with the housing in at least one switching position of th ...

Roland Ullmann: Power driven hair clipper. Braun, Fish & Richardson PC, January 14, 2003: US06505404 (11 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to a power driven hair clipper (HSM), comprising a drive mechanism provided in a housing (

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