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The present invention provides a system for drilling boreholes having a downhole subassembly which contains an acoustic measurement-while-drilling system. The acoustic system contains an acoustic transmitter and receiver for determining the acoustic velocity through the formations surrounding the bo ...

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The present invention provides methods for forming multiple wellbores from a single location. A relatively large diameter main wellbore is drilled to a known depth. A plurality of spaced apart wellbores are formed from the bottom of the main wellbore, wherein at least one such wellbore is a producti ...

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Real time responsive devices are mounted at the inlet to an in-hole motor to measure the interval of time during which drilling fluid circulates through the motor.

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A device for measuring the cross section of the stator of a downhole motor having a carrier shaped to travel through the helicoidal interior of the stator and a sensor including first and second bending beam-strain gage structures for generating electrical signals indicative of the cross section of ...